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Our Carlee-girl is the newest addition to our little family. She is a four year old Austrialian Shepherd that we rescued during the summer of 2014. She is super protective...which is sometimes a good thing and some times a curse. Apparently Aussies are known for their protective behavior, but she is so sweet to us.


Things Carlee loves:

      -Her tennis ball and soccer ball.

           (This is new for her. It took her a while to chase the balls or bring them back)

      -Giving kisses

      -Chasing squirrels

      -Adventures. You grab her leash and collar, she will beat you to the car.

          (Every. Single. Time.)


Raford Viriginia, Austrailian Shephard, Rescue dog, Mountain Tails animal rescue.

Keep up with her on Instagram at the hashtag #CarleetheAussie

A little more about me:

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